About Us


Nova psychedelics is the best most reliable secure  and discrete online market. we offer you top quality pure  and tested psychedelics products to meet your everyday trip needs. we offer a wide range of top quality psychedelics products such as MUSHROOMS, LSD, DMT  for your tripping pleasure. We at Nova psychedelics value customer sanctification as we do everything possible to bring the best products with timely delivery discrete and well packaged products at your door steps 24/7

Why Us

When looking to purchase magic mushrooms online, most Canadians are looking for a discreet and easy way to buy the products they want while having the opportunity to shop for a variety of different products, allowing them to choose the perfect psychedelic to achieve the holistic experience they’re looking for. Why buy your zoomies from a friend of a friend when you can have safe, third-party tested products shipped quickly and discreetly to your door